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KDE Plasma with i3 WM Instead of KWin

Update [June 27, 2022]: describe KDE 5.25 systemd-related changes. The advantages of desktop environments over plain window managers on Linux are clear. Normally, one gets almost everything he can think of straight out of the box, including power management, applets, sound configuration, notifications, quick settings, eye candy, and so on. Tiling or dynamic windows managers, on the other hand, normally do not offer any of those features out of the box and need some time for configuration, but they deliver a very fast and convenient keyboard-driven way to manage your windows....

June 27, 2022 路 4 min 路 Max

How to Transfer a Route 53 Domain Between AWS Accounts

Sometimes it is needed to transfer a Route 53 domain to another AWS account, and users can do it either by contacting AWS Support or manually using AWS API. This article describes how to make a transfer with AWS CLI. Transfer a domain Request a transfer from the account that currently has a registered domain: aws --profile old_profile \ --region us-east-1 \ route53domains transfer-domain-to-another-aws-account \ --domain-name example.com \ --account-id your-target-account-id You will get an output with operation id and password required to confirm the transfer:...

December 4, 2020 路 2 min 路 Max

How to Setup a Jenkins macOS Slave with JNLP

This article explains how to set up a JNLP macOS slave, which is useful e.g. when slaves are in private network and Jenkins master cannot initialize connection via SSH. Also, method described in this article allows to use graphical applications such as Xcode. foo is used as a sample user which runs Jenkins jobs in this article. Preparation Install the same version of Java as on your master, e.g. from AdoptOpenJDK or Azul....

November 21, 2020 路 2 min 路 Max